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Riverdale Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary facility in The Bronx, NY. 

Our experienced staff provides exceptional quality veterinary care to your pets! 

Pets are subject to a wide variety of illnesses and afflictions that require expertise in internal medicine that our board certified, licenced vet and assistants best provide for your furry family members.


Did you know that spaying or neutering your pet is imortant for more than just controlling pet populations? It can also save your pets life. We perform spay/neuter procedures and remain attentive to your pet's needs post procedure. We want to esure that your pets have a safe and comfortable recovery!  


Healthy teeth are also as important for your pet as they are for you. Good oral hygiene can mean a longer life for your best friend. At Riverdale Animal Hospital we will screen for issues related to teeth: missing/loose teeth, bleeding, abnormal salivation, no desire to eat or crying while chewing, If your pet has any of these conditions, they may be in pain. We will treat these conditions with the same degree of urgency as your dentisit would treat you. We're looking forward to caring for your pet!

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